Automation Technology Co., Ltd. Xiamen Solvay Introduction Our professional agents world-renowned brand name products, industrial automation for the main, set by the industry and trade in one of the national scientific research and development, technological innovation, engineering services center. We sincerely hope to be in product sales, to undertake the project, system development and your company carry out multilateral cooperation. Here are some of our product distribution details, if you have any needs please contact us, we will do our utmost to serve you: the content of company products 1. Programmable Logic Controller (PLC): Omron, Mitsubishi, Siemens, Queensway - Moeller MOELLER, South Korea LG, AB. 2. Low-voltage electrical and power distribution products: Schneider T..Read more
  • Mr. Yu: Huang Ming Hang (Mr.)
    Tel: 0592-5586900
    Fax: 0592-5328257
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